Adverbs: Advanced


  • Even more versatile than the adverb is the adverbial. This is a phrase or clause which performs the same function as adverbs. Three common categories of adverbial are prepositional phrases, noun phrases and subordinate clauses.

Prepositional phrases:

  • These adverbials begin with a preposition Eg

    at home; in the garden; under the stairs, behind the times; over the top
    He found the truants at home.
    Her narrative plots are completely over the top.

Noun phrases:

  • An example of a noun phrase with an adverbial function:

    Jane telephoned me last night.

Subordinate clauses:

  • Examples of subordinate clauses which are adverbials are listed below.

    He'll pass if he works hard.
    She ran as fast as she could.
    John knew when he was beaten.

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