Determiners: Advanced

Different types of determiners

Determiners can be categorised as central, pre-modifying or post-modifying determiners

Central Determiners

These include the definite and indefinite articles, the and a, and other determiners which can replace an article such as no, some, and every.
eg the class; a rule; no control; some problems; every situation

Pre-modifying Determiners

These comprise determiners which can precede a central determiner, and are often related to quantity.
eg all the strawberries; twice the difficulty; such an uproar;

Post-modifying Determiners

These comprise determiners which follow a central determiner, and are often related to number or quantity eg the first award; my second attempt; the thirty traitors

Confusion between determiners and pronouns

It is very easy to confuse determiners with pronouns. Remember that a determiner must precede a noun/phrase, whereas a pronoun stands in for one.

I've read that book. Determiner
I've read that. Pronoun
I'd like some ice-cream. Determiner
I'd like some. Pronoun

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