Sentence Types: Advanced

Compound and complex sentences

Multiple sentences can be further subdivided into compound, complex and compound-complex sentences according to whether they involve co-ordinated or subordinate clauses.

Compound sentences are composed of two or more clauses linked by co-ordination. For example

I like black tea but I prefer white coffee.

Complex sentences are composed of a main clause and one or more subordinate clauses. For example

When you run, the fat wobbles dreadfully!

Compound-complex sentences are composed of sentences which use both co-ordinate and subordinate clauses. For example

If you save hard, you could buy a digital camera and put photos on the web.

  • a complete statement;
  • has a verb
Simple Multiple
one clause clause + linking word + clause
I enjoy grammar Compound Complex
  clause + co-ordinating conjunction + clause clause + subordinator + clause
  I enjoy grammar and I'm good at it. I enjoy grammar when I understand it.
  both co-ordination and subordination
  I enjoy grammar when I understand it and when I can see its relevance

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